Planalysis for Office assists Property Managers by delivering a dynamic and interactive Building Stack diagram that exposes meaningful, timely and relevant information that makes evidence decision making a pleasure and not a chore. Armed with key information, management can better identify and manage risks, respond to trends, measure performance and make better and more informed decisions aimed at adding value to the real estate investment.   

Tenancy areas are colour coded based on the performance of the selected Indicator to clearly show comparative and overall performance. Indicators are tailored to specific requirements and would typically include:

  • Rents: Gross and Net rents and Outgoings expressed as an annual or as a rate per area for comparative analysis
  • Arrears: Assessing overall position, trend over time and identify persistently late paying tenants
  • Lease Expiries: Showing expiry profiles, vacancies and pending vacancies
  • Rent Reviews: Detailing the type and date of the next review 
  • Financial Performance: Income, Expenditure, Total Return with comparison to Industry Benchmarks


Pop-up dialogs give instant access to pertinent information such as a tenant's contact details, a graphics of the location of each tenancy on the floor or current aged arrears information. This data is displayed as you move around the model and hover across the areas on the Stacking Plan.


Planalysis vastly exceeds the capability of traditional paper based reports.
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