Effective analysis of retail assets requires understanding the detail. Planalysis has been specifically designed to deliver the detailed information essential for effective management of retail assets. With a myriad of key performance indicators available, users can quickly assess the performance of Tenants, Sales Categories or the overall property against their peers, over time and against industry benchmarks.

Dynamically interact with the colour coded floor plan to gain a spatial awareness and use the charting capability to visualise trends, identify risks and opportunities delivering insights and understanding of data relationships not available from traditional reporting.

Access to information to support your team:

Portfolio and Asset Managers
Planalysis enables Portfolio and Asset Managers to view their property portfolio with ease, demising trends, comparing property performance and truly making the portfolio management easier and more efficient.

Centre Managers
With direct, simple and effective access to tenant leasing details, contact information, arrears, rents, sales performance, affordability, tenant mix, footfall traffic and financial performance, Centre Managers have the information necessary to support effective and timely decision making. Accurate and up-to-date information is at your fingertips.

Marketing Teams
Clear visibility of sales performance and identification of tenants approaching Percentage Rent thresholds enables the Marketing team to target efforts and promotional expenditure on areas where the greatest results can be achieved. Charting sales and footfall traffic changes over time and understanding the relationship between performance and key data drivers allows the marketing manager to understand trends and to develop strategies that drive greater performance.

Leasing Executives
Planalysis provides access to key leasing information of all tenants within a Centre and across the portfolio enabling the best possible deals to be structured with complete knowledge of comparable tenant deals, recent transactions and past performance. Effectively identify and manage vacancies and pending expiries and gain an appreciation of tenant performance and category trends to refine the tenant mix for maximum investment return.

Key Performance Indicators are tailored to your organisation's specific requirement and would typically include:

  • Sales: Monthly, Moving average annual sales (MAT) and expressed as a rate per area for comparative analysis
  • Rents: Gross and Net rents expressed as an annual or as a rate per area for comparative analysis
  • Occupancy Cost: Measuring rental affordability compared to reported sales
  • Footfall Traffic: Show trends over time and calculate average spend per customer
  • Arrears: Assessing overall position, trend over time and identify persistently late paying tenants
  • Lease Expiries: Showing expiry profiles, vacancies and pending vacancies
  • Industry Benchmarks: Highlight tenant performance against industry benchmarks; Sales, Rents, Occupancy Costs
  • Financial Performance: Income, Expenditure, Total Return

Planalysis vastly exceeds the capability of traditional paper based reports.
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